Saturday, July 7, 2012

World Music Day

A magic was performed by the Flute maestro Mr. Ravi Kiran on the great eve of the World Music Day, conducted in the premises of the Einstein Campus on 21st June 2012. The celebration started with a melodious Hindustani song “Bhaj man mohan re” by Gaurav, Chandralekha and Hiranya of grade X, followed by a wonderful Western music piece on Guitar by K. Aditya of grade VI. Music has no language, a good music of any language can be equally enjoyed. Chloe from grade VI sang a beautiful Chinese song.

The ultimate wonder was filled in the eyes of Oakridgers and everyone was so delighted to see such wonder filled eyes. As far as spiritual insight is concerned the light is linear and the sound is circular and he stood as the symbol of both light and sound. His vision like light hitted every child and his musical note surrounded like circle. That’s where he joined the matter and spirit, Physics and Music. We all perceived Mr. Ravi Kiran as if the sun has bestowed his rays on each and every child of Oakridge equally, unanimously, simultaneously. We all loved the day of music.

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