Saturday, July 14, 2012

Front Bench

Saturday morning parents attended a very lively session Front Bench, the information day. The session began with a PPT presentation to know more about PYP which was very informative for the parents. Parents’ queries were answered followed by activities like I see, I think, I wonder strategy, bus stop, making patterns using season related cutouts, Spider web activity, gallery which the parents really enjoyed.

Parents speak:
"Very nice bench time, we really enjoyed and we are able to know what actually kids are doing in the class. Keep it in track. Follow this for whole the year. Thank you." Parent of Srikruthi PP 2
"Thank you very much for taking time on a Saturday to talk to us about our children’s education. We go home knowing more and feeling confident about our choices. Excellent session, well managed." Parent of Meera PP 2

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