Sunday, July 15, 2012

Framing and Solving Linear Equations

Students from grade X did an activity on Framing and Solving Linear Equations. Students were given some real life situations and asked to frame linear equations using those situations. Three tasks were given to students based on Linear equations.

Task 1: Students were divided into groups and each group was given a bowl, which consisted of some colourful glazed papers, on which, Linear equations in two variables were written. One student from each group had to take three papers from another bowl, which consisted of real life word problems. One from each group had to frame a pair of Linear equations of the three word Problems and had to find it in the given bowl. Then one student from each group had to solve the Linear equation on the Board.

Task 2: Now from the given bowls, each group had to take a pair of Linear equations and had to frame an Interesting Word Problem using that pair of Linear Equations. With the help of this task, students found interest in framing every situation in real life as an Algebraic representation.

Task 3: Students had to take two Linear equations from the bowl in such a way that they have unique solution, they have infinite number of solutions or no solution.

Understanding the concept of Linear equations with two Variables by practical activity enabled children to apply the concept in every real life Situation.

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