Sunday, July 29, 2012

Collaboration with a British School for Olympics Project

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games began in London, United Kingdom, on 27 July.

Our students have been involved in various projects and activities in the school related to the Olympics integrated across various subjects.

To share this wonderful work by the students, ISA Coordinator, Ms. Kanchan Lele set up an international link with a prestigious school in UK- Hill House International School, which has a remarkable history and is one of the best schools in London.

We entered into an Olympics global collaboration project with this school where both the schools shared their students' work and it resulted into a lot of learning on both the sides. Children made mind maps, collages, crossword puzzles, certificates, PPT presentations using ICT tools, some fun food projects with doughnuts, artwork on Olympics, etc. It will also provide our students to have an insight into the Olympics picture at London closely through the eyes of children at Hill House.

The whole purpose of the project is to create an awareness among the student and teacher community about the importance of playing games and doing physical activities to stay healthy.

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