Friday, June 15, 2012

Teaming up with a classroom in France

We co-operate on joint projects with students from around the world. It creates new friendships that encircle the globe. Children learn to communicate respectfully with people from different countries and social traditions. It also helps creating consensus and resolving conflicts that arise as a result of cultural differences.

We had a Skype conference recently with La Martiniere Monplaisir School from Lyon, France. The teacher in-charge, Ms. Michele Penelon was equally enthusiastic and supportive. The students introduced each other, asked questions about their regular routine, their favorites, their school life, etc. and made each other comfortable.

The main topic of discussion was French Revolution. It is one of the history topics in the curriculum and learning it became much more interesting after discussing about it with the French students themseleves!

Our students asked brilliant questions:
* How far have you come from the revolution point of view today?
* Has the French revolution influenced the present generation?
* Could you please brief the importance of French revolution then?
* Do you think there was a need for one such revolution?
* The three basic ideologies given by the French revolution, that is justice, equality and fraternity is duly followed today?
* Do you think that these basic rights of men could be challenged by the authorities during the war?

Even the French classroom was buzzing with questions about Mahatma Gandhi and Indian politics as they Indian history as well.

This type of collaboration will definitely help enhance the curriculum.

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