Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spell Bee Orientation

'Catch it Right’ the slogan of Spell Bee took off recently. The event was officially included into our curriculum. Scrabble, Puzzle games, Pyramid, Word Chain and Treasure hunt acted like honey pots and students enthusiastically participated in these games. The entire event reinforced the importance of developing better vocabulary and language practices.

Students' reflections:

"On June 21st our school conducted the inauguration of a new initiatve, Spell Bee. I feel this will be a wonderful opportunity for us to enhance our vocabulary and it will help them us in academics. It gives them a better exposure to the english language which will be helpful while continuing with our further studies. our memory power will aslo increase while trying to learn and memorise each word. This will bring a more competitive enthusiasm helping us to study harder and become successful."
Loukya Reddy (Grade X)

On June 21, we had the first spell bee session. We were given a colored sheet which decided the groups for the activities and each color group was given a body part of a bee (head, wings, body, and Antenna). The teachers in-charge explained us the activities to be done. After That, Principal Ma'am apoke about the importance of Spelling Bee. It was very good. Then we had some word-building games. They were so exciting and fun. We saw a demo of how the spelling bee is going to be from the next month. Lastly we had a treasure hunt where each team had to find the part of the bee they had got. It was such an interesting day. We are looking forward for the spelling bee next month."
Shreyas and Govind (Grade VII)

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