Monday, June 18, 2012

The Journey of ISA

Doing different things or doing things differently? Both. Einstein had once said “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”. ISA gave the students a chance to think out of the box, at a place, Oakridge International School, which is known to give equal importance to each student’s innovative ideas and not bog them down with the curriculum, thereby opening doors for limitless learning.

With globalization at its peak, various companies spanning across countries, it is very important to start young. Interacting with students and teachers from different countries like Japan, France, China, Morocco, UK, Ukraine etc., gave the students a very good insight on the different cultures in other countries, people's accents, their way of living, their upbringing, their nature of study, diet, sports they play and the extracurricular activities they do. It was a great challenge interacting with countries in which there are very few English speaking people but the students were up to it. Regular email communication, Skype video conversations, various research activities and reports kept up the momentum and enthusiasm among the students. A set of well-defined activities made sure the students were on the right path to becoming truly global citizens.

Students recognized that they need to think differently in order to prove themselves a notch up than peers from other schools, and in order to succeed over competitors. This foresight enabled students to aggressively pursue new learning opportunities not only through regular course of studies, but through interaction across the globe. Various students had an added advantage of having studied outside India, mainly Korea, US, UK and Japan. This helped them connect better with students all over the world and produce encouraging results.

ISA has been a journey of great learning for students of OIS, when the hard work of the students helped them perform up to their true potential. Students executed flawlessly the plan put forward in front of them by the two ISA coordinators, ably supported by all others involved.

Working for the ISA award has enabled students to become world class and I am sure the determined students of OIS, the future of this country would make this world a wonderful place to live in.

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