Monday, June 11, 2012

Going Back to School

The campus felt complete as it welcomed all its students coming back to the school with gusto, zeal and excitement after a month long summer vacation. Felt the warmth with students around.

The first opening assembly of this academic year 2012-13 was held on 11th June at 8.30 am. The entire student and teacher community was present at the assembly. It started with a prayer song followed by Principal's message to the students. She welcomed all and shared some of the important students' achievements of last academic year. She encouraged the students to set high standards in all areas and strive to achieve them.

Children were glad to say hello and so the new friends! The new students easily mingled and felt comfortable with the support of their class teachers who organised a number of activities for them on the first day.

The school always works towards providing a safe, nurturing environment that welcomes and supports everyone that becomes a part of it. The new routine will gradually become easier. These children will have more sparkling memories than chocolate cake and custard!

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