Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congratulations ISTF Winners!

Oakridge International School holds its head high in pride to claim the achievement of its success in the Internet Science and Technology Fair- ISTF 2011 – 2012 competition. Out of the 11 teams that took part in the competition, 4 teams, that is, team ‘Greenergy’ (Gr IX),CLEPTO(Gr IX), RA Fighters(GR VIII) and Food For Future( Gr VII) succeeded in reaching the finals. Two of these teams hit the final stroke by winning the awards, ‘RA Fighters’ with the second highest award – the “Honourable Mentions Award” and ‘Greenergy’ with the ISTF's highest honor- the "Meritorious Achievement Award". The teams comprising of students from grades VI to IX of the CBSE classes worked extensively through the months from October to February to complete their projects. Each team strived its best to work through each stage of the project and put in its best effort towards completion of its task. This achievement has indeed brought immense pleasure and glory to our institution. Three Cheers Oakridgers!!!

Meritorious Achievement Award Winners:
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Honourable Mentions:
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  1. Congratulations to the winners. Commendable effort! Let the effort continue....

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  3. Congratulation to the reaching new heights

  4. Thank you all for your continued support. Every positive comment encourages and pushes us do do more and better!

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