Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stage 2 Intermediate English (500) Workshop

Stage 2 Intermediate Workshop was organized by CIE at Riverside School, Ahmadabad. The Stage 2 Course focused on revisiting the syllabus basics and discussing strategies to improve curriculum delivery and pupil performance.

The Course Presenter, Geraldine Dunn who has been Examiner of 0500 First Language since 1989 and is also Examiner of 0112 English Checkpoint shared her vast experience with us to improve our curriculum planning, creating our own scheme of work and teaching approaches and strategies.

We worked and collaborated together under her supervision and guidance to improve our task setting, using exemplars to raise standards and using assessment to improve learning. She gave us tasks and guided us through interactive activities to identify our strengths and weaknesses in teaching learning transactions. Towards the end of the second day we all felt we had gained a lot to implement in our classroom teaching to be better teachers.

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