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Monday, April 30, 2012

Know Your Rights

World Intellectual Property Day was celebrated in our campus and all the senior school students were part of it. Mr. Nageshwara Rao, VP- Legal and Compliance of GE Capital enlightened us with his indepth knowledge on the intellectual property rights, its relevance today and how the children can use the resources in the legal manner.

One of the child-Vignesh, from grade VIII, has given us a reflection on the event: Intellectual property can be defined as thoughts, ideas and such that have been created with the use of one’s mind. Such property is playing a huge role in today’s competitive world. People are being evaluated on basis of their knowledge and thinking abilities. And this is where visionary Innovators come. These people saw things at ways others didn’t. They did things previously thought impossible. And they changed the world. Be it Thomas Edison, Hedy Lamarr, Alexander Fleming or Steve Jobs. We owe a lot to them. They had intellectual property of the finest kind. So much that people decided to copy them. And this is where Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) comes in.

These rights were introduced so that if someone thought of or created something, it was theirs. They enjoyed all the benefits for it. Ex:- an inventor can sell his idea for money. The idea to this also came when the idea of ownership and human rights prospered. These are some types of IPR’s:
Copyright: This is usually done in written material. It means no one can copy that material without the creator’s permission.
Patent: This bond identifies the owner of the invention and prevents any one else from copying that idea. This is a government bond and can be traded.
Trademark: A logo, phrase or anything such that it identifies a brand or a product. Violation of these result in breaking the law and is subject to penalty.

The reason Intellectual property is so valuable is:
• It can’t be reproduced
• It is one of a kind
• It requires skill that can only be obtained by the person itself
• It can be translated into money
• It doesn’t have a set value
• An entity is valued based on intellectual property

The reason intellectual property is good is:
 Prevents misuse of ideas
 People strive to create something better.

Dr. Nageshwar Rao is an alumnus of National Law School in 1996. After working 6 years as a lawyer for 6 years, he is now a legal advisor at Global Services Limited. Today, on April 27, he gave us a speech on Intellectual property. What I liked about him is that he opened his speech in a unique and creative manner. It was almost as if he has the Intellectual Property himself.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Graduation Day

Our little ones of PP2 are touching the milestone of completing their pre-primary and entering the academic zone of primary. To mark this Einstein campus organized a grand event- a ‘Graduation Day’ on 18th and 19th April, 2012. The chief guest for the event on 18th April was Ms. Y. Sri Devi, an Educational Psychologist. On 19th April, the event was graced by the chief guest, Ms. Radhika Rao, Academic Head of Oi play schools. They enlightened the parents on effective parenting. Our grade 1 children won hearts of all by their welcome song, speech and spectacular dance performances to give a warm welcome to PP2 students to enter into pre-primary. Tiny tots of PP2 expressed their feelings through a Graduation song and dance.

The parents were mesmerized by the videos of their children sharing about their experiences in PP2. This was followed by awarding the graduation certificates to all PP2 children by our esteemed Chief Guests. Overall the entire event was a warm experience of bonding, sharing and success.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebrating Excellence

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unstoppable Strongers cruise by 30 runs

A criket match was played at the campus ground between two teams, Fasters and Strongers which comprised of boys from grades IV and V. Strongers won the match by 30 runs. Aarya scored not out 30, he also served as wicket keeper for Strongers and grabbed a wicket too. Man of the Match title was awarded to Aarya. Strongers scored 86 runs whereas Fasters could score only 56 runs.

This is what Rohit (from grade V), the Strongers team captain had to say after winning the match:

"I felt very good as the captain of the Strongers team. It was a big opportunity for me. Arya played a very good inning for us. We fielded and bowled well. Shiva also played impressive innings and gained runs for the Fasters team. I had a lot of fun and hope my team did too."
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Constructing Expression

The Students of grade VII IGCSE worked on a hands-on activity to construct Algebraic Expressions from the resources which consisted of four boxes with different colours. They used the first letter of the respective colours as variables. They formed their groups and actively shared the work given. The concept of forming an expression was very clear to them with the help of this activity with an enjoyable approach.

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