Monday, February 6, 2012

Science Exhibition

Oakridge believes in developing the scientific discipline and towards that end we registered every child from senior school in an international project.

ThinkQuest is an international competition which challenges students to solve problems using technology. Students also produce an online journal/blog, a stand-alone website, photo essay, animation, public service announcement, video or some combination of these items. They are all set to connect with peers around the world and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation.

The Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) embodies the spirit of technology innovation at the pre-college level and will in time contribute to the technical workforce. The success of the ISTF Program depends on the involvement of industry, government, professional societies and community organizations.

On 5th Februray, 2012, The Founders' day started with a Science Exhibition set-up by the students of VI to IX standard. Students were divided into several groups, into either ISTF or ThinkQuest section, and it was a great sight to see a wide variety of projects taken up.

Students had beautifully decorated the walls of classrooms, each classroom showcasing 2-3 projects. Students were at the peak of their energy levels while they were demonstrating their intensive research of their respective topics to the parents and all the respected guests. Parents were equally thrilled to see their kids grow in the company of such a pool of talent. Students were taking turns in explaining about their project, and had also prepared a power point presentation on the same.

It was great that the students had “look into the future” mindset which reflected from the topics that they had chosen. Some of the impressive and beneficial projects being taken up by the students included Biodegradable Plastics, Global Warming, Malnutrition, Theme park for the Handicapped, Endangered Animals, use of Ethanol as alternate means of Fuel, Guargum for the diabetics, Advantages and Disadvantages of ICT in today’s world etc. which really showed that students had started thinking about the betterment of this world. After all, these budding students are going to make this world, a much better place to live in.

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