Saturday, February 4, 2012

Howard Gardner on ‘Education in an Era of Globalization' @ Indian School of Business

On 3rd February, 2012 we, the teachers of Einstein Campus, had an opportunity to meet the master in person Dr. Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition & Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education and ‘Father of Multiple Intelligences’.

The cream of the top most educational institutions was present in the well organized talk show. Mr. Anustup Nayak, alumni of Harvard and a former student of Howard Gardner, welcomed Dr. Howard and the august gathering. Later, Dr. Howard drew everyone’s attention on the importance of nurturing the five minds- the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creativemind, the respectful mind and the ethical mind. He also spoke about the need for educators’‘3 Es’ of good work i.e. excellence, ethical and engaging. Dr. Gardener felt that in this digital era, students need to be aware of the five minds, model and explicate positive examples whileat times calling attention to negative examples to strengthen intelligence and character, thusbringing out the true value of education.

After a short break in the serene lawns of the ISB, Mr. Anustup had a face to face session with Dr. Gardner. Some interesting questions were answered by the professor during this session.

Anustup: Does teaching towards globalization detach students from their local roots?
Gardner: School and parents need to share the responsibility to bring a balance and make thethem glocal (global + local).

Anustup : As educators or parents which mind needs to be stressed upon a 12 yr old?
Gardner: It is our prerequisite to emphasize and appreciate the ethical mind of the students.

Anustup: What is your take on true learning Vs. Exams in the Indian context?
Gardner: There is a need to change the examination system which caters to the five mindsinstead of having content based examinations.

Finally, by end of the session we strongly believed that the goal of education is to help people use their minds better to think about what’s true in the world and what’s not true as well as what’s ethical and what’s not.

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