Monday, February 27, 2012

Fire Fighters- Real Heroes

The ongoing UOI topic for grade I is on Emergencies. In this unit, the students will gain knowledge about different emergency situations and how humans have developed ways to respond to emergencies. The fire department plays an important role in dealing with emergencies. To learn more about them, the first graders went for a field trip to Jedimetla Fire Station on 27-2-12 Monday.

The staff of the fire station gave us a warm welcome. They explained in detail the use of each and every equipment in the fire engine. One fireman wore the fire costume and allowed the students to touch and feel it. They also spoke about the different types of fire and the different equipments used to stop/control it. The students loved the rescue drill done by them with a student. The students were very prompt in asking questions-

* Geetika-"What is the phone number of fire station"?
* Manikant-"Do you feel afraid when you go inside fire"?
* Avinash-"Do you feel hot after wearing the fire suit"?

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