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Monday, February 27, 2012

Fire Fighters- Real Heroes

The ongoing UOI topic for grade I is on Emergencies. In this unit, the students will gain knowledge about different emergency situations and how humans have developed ways to respond to emergencies. The fire department plays an important role in dealing with emergencies. To learn more about them, the first graders went for a field trip to Jedimetla Fire Station on 27-2-12 Monday.

The staff of the fire station gave us a warm welcome. They explained in detail the use of each and every equipment in the fire engine. One fireman wore the fire costume and allowed the students to touch and feel it. They also spoke about the different types of fire and the different equipments used to stop/control it. The students loved the rescue drill done by them with a student. The students were very prompt in asking questions-

* Geetika-"What is the phone number of fire station"?
* Manikant-"Do you feel afraid when you go inside fire"?
* Avinash-"Do you feel hot after wearing the fire suit"?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Learning life saving skills

The current UOI topic in Grade I, is Emergencies. On 22-2-12, we had an integration class with PSPE (swimming). The swimming instructor told students about the emergencies that can happen in a swimming pool. He also showed them how to deal with the emergencies practically. The students were very excited to know and learn the ways they can use to help others.

* “Ma'am we should have lot of energy to save people.” Kaushal.
* “Will all this aid be their in the swimming pool?” Govind.
* “Ma'am if we know this, we can also save people on beaches.’ Divyesh

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International Mother Tongue Day

In Oakridge, we also look at the improvement of mother tongue of a child. To boost this, we organize mother tongue sessions every month on several topics. On 21st of February, we had a cultural show.

The Guest for the event was Mr. Ditta Kavi Sheshacharyulu, from Vishakhapatnam. He is an eminent Telugu author and is presently working with different universities in Hyderabad. The students from PP1 to grade V, did a stage show in Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and Tamil under the following categories-
* Singing
* Dance
* Story telling
* Recitation of Poem

Students' reflections

*“I enjoyed a lot, telling the story-the hare and the Tortoise. I enjoyed the programme.” Purvee Chore Grade III
*“It was a nice day and I liked the show.” Ashrita Grade III
*"I enjoyed a lot! I hope we have more mother tongue day.” Mourya Grade-V
*“With this we got to know the mother tongue of everyone in the class.” Harshita Grade-V
*“I am very happy because I enjoy getting on stage and watch performances.” Anurag Grade-II

Parents speak:
• “It’s a very good programme activating every child towards their mother tongue." Mrs. Padmavathi (mother of Aneesh Grade I)
• “This is an excellent way to celebrate the languages in the world.” Mr. Shreeraj( Father of Inika Grade I)
• “Very nice thought. Please do it again.” Mrs. Shailaja (mother of Vedika Grade III)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Field trip to Chord Aashirwad

Students of grade IV visited Chord Aashirwad school in connection with the POI topic 'Beliefs and Values'. Students interviewed Mrs. Manju who started this school for the child labours. Our students were very much impressed with her work and met the Aashirwad school children and shared their experiences and ambitions. Mrs. Manju’s whole family is happily involved in this work and they always believe in stretching the helping hand towards needy. Students asked valuable questions to Mrs. Manju about her inspirations and aspirations about the organization. Students were able to connect and realise that beliefs and values of people affect the society and lead the world in right path.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest lecture on Biodiversity

A guest lecture was organised on topic- Biodiversity for grade IV. The lecture was conducted by AEISEC intern, Ms. Maria Oliveira with the help of an interesting PPT presentation on Brazil's ecosystems that she had prepared. She spoke about how the big cities in Brazil are trying to conserve its rich biodiversity and problems faced by these coastal cities. She showed them photographs on fishing, hunting, deforestation. Issues like mining, global warming and flodding were also highlighted and spoken about. She informed students about pampas, grasslands and Atlantic forest in Southern Brazil. She also suggested solutions and ideas for Reforesting. It was a good learning experience for the students.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poster Making Activity

Students of grade IV had Poster Making activity on topic- 'Saving Animals'. They made use of various kinds of painting material and made colourful and thought provoking posters.

It was amusing to see these talents communicating through colors.

The main purpose was to spread larger awareness among students about saving animals and inspire more of them to take up issues and causes, for the betterment of self and society.

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