Thursday, January 5, 2012

World Braille Day

On Wednesday morning, the day started with a unique concept of celebrating a less known International celebration. It was World Braille Day for which the tiny tots of Nursery, PP1 and PP2 gathered together.

The event began with making creative craft like Braille’s bookmark, Braille dot language craft, etc. Children of PP2 made an alphabet card by a pattern of raised dots to understand the concept of reading without seeing. Mrs. Leeza explained the importance of celebrating Braille day. A role play was presented by Varnika and Pranav of PP2. Our Guests Dr. Suresh and Mrs. Bindu enlightened the children about use of Braille language. The children were engrossed in the interesting presentation by Dr. Suresh followed by blind folded games like 'picking potatoes' and 'guess what’s in the mystery bag?'.

The event ended with a PPT presentation and children thanked God as they are blessed with an eye sight.

Parent’s Speak
"The activity was informative and at the same time entertaining. The children participated actively and enjoyed the time, good effort by teachers. I enjoyed this activity and it made me think of ways of communicating with children of pre primary age group."

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