Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Visit to Hospital

Students of PP1 went for a field trip to 'Varsha Multispeciality Dental Clinic', in relation to their ongoing theme 'Community Helpers'.

Kids found it to be a good experience. Dr. Anjani explained about various medical equipments. The kids had the experience of sitting on the dental chair and viewing their teeth on the computer. They were explained by the doctor of dental hygiene they need to follow, like how to brush their teeth, what kind of food is good for their teeth. Overall it was a very informative and educative visit for the children. Children presented a Thank You card to the doctor made by them.

We thank Mrs. Anjani, parent of Saharsh and Shishir for her support.

Child reflection:
"Thank you doctor teacher."
Thanishka and Sahasara (Students of PP1)

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