Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Learning is Sharing

The Project Activity- Sharing the knowledge gathered with the younger group- V, done on 4th January 2011 by VIII CIE Students in Geography as part of their extended learning skills was a great effort taken by the students. The students were given differentiated topics under- Impact of Global Foot Print on the Environment. They started teaching class with the usages of resources today and in future which covered water, energy, food, fuel etc (Rithika and Nikhil), they linked them to global warming and its impact (Nathan and Ritesh), emphasis was given to food miles and ghost acres (Dhyan and Samrat) as they contributed a major share in leaving carbon footprints, and finally to the rubbish problem and its solutions (Rishi, Faizan and Soujanya). The project was thoroughly researched by the students and PPTs were created along with the chart presentation. They compiled the whole work of each group to a Documentary.

The session ended with a suggestion that to check our global footprint we need to start the initiation in school by asking the authorities to provide different trash cans so that the waste that can be recycled could be put into a separate bins and the degradable waste could be put into another.

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  1. Harish says:

    Great Initiative and helps the Children understand the value of caring for the Environment.

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