Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inquiry into the PYP- Day 3

Our third day of the workshop began with Wonder Wall. Our queries were discussed and clarified. Our workshop leader was very knowledgeable as his replies were apt and gave practical solution to our questions. An activity was conducted based on the picture stories. We were asked to frame a sentence, a phrase and a word from a story- 'Slave sShip to Freedom Road'. We were asked to share within the peers.

A video was shown about the classroom transaction with V graders and the way the students were sharing their ideas demonstrated their level of thinking. In an inquiry, as teachers we should compare the relationship of the central idea where it is relevant, significant, challenging and engaging for the students. A film on thinking routine which is a picture of practice enables the students to think and share their perspectives based on an abstract art. Various activities can be conducted which elevates their thinking skills.

We had an hands-on activity on the past civilization using a range of pictures of the development of civilization. It enabled all of us in reasoning, logical thinking and much more. This activity made most of us to ponder upon our implementation in the class during teaching- learning process. We then improvised our planner by working on it.

I conclude by saying "Inquiry is conceptual based learning but not knowledge based learning."

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