Friday, January 6, 2012

Inquiry into the PYP- Day 1

At Oakridge, even teachers are lifelong learners. We have an in-school ‘Inquiry into the PYP’ workshop over 3 days from January 6th-8th 2012. Our workshop leader is Franklyn Heisler, a Canadian, teaching in an International school in Singapore since 7 years. He is in the teaching field for last 35 years. He’s not only a teacher, but also an artist, chemist and semi professional dancer.

We started the day by introducing ourselves. The workshop leader, Mr. Franklyn enriched our knowledge about different forms of inquiry, appropriate tools, evaluating and embedding the inquiry in developing the units of enquiry. One science topic was chosen, ‘Our Body Systems’, and we discussed about how each system is connected to each other. We used various resources and made discussions in groups followed by a role play. It was learning through fun.

By end of the day, we reflected upon our own learning and connected with the essential elements. It was a good learning, we understood that inquiry is conceptual-based and not topic-based approach and curriculum.

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