Monday, December 19, 2011


When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath. (Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

Oakridge aims at the all round development of each and every child and it always strives to bring the best out them. At Oakridge, we believe that in a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Our students practice yoga regularly at school which encourages them to systemize their routine activities.

A thorough practice has been done by the students for attaining perfection in performing asanas for the YOGA KAUSHAL PRADARSHAN. On 17th December 2011, students from grades I to V performed the Yoga art in front of the parents and mesmerized them with their talents.

The programme started with a prayer song and the lamp was lit by Mr. Ramesh Krishnan, Senior Vice President of People Combine, Mrs. Adilakshmi, Principal of OIS, Einstein Campus and Mr.Venkat Suresh, Vice Principal of OIS, Einstein Campus. The students performed different asanas like Dhanurasan, Parsvakonasan, Suryanamaskar, etc. for 40 minutes. Soon after the showcase, parents proceeded to yoga room and dance room to watch the display of various yoga poses of the students, posters made by the students on the benefits of yoga asanas and posters on famous yoga gurus.

Parents' Reflections

Kim EunJeong
"Yoga is India’s famous activity and I know it much, but this time I came to understand more than ever through the various and very cute motions and movements of Oakridge’s precious children."

Kang S Hyung
"Yoga seems to be healthy and helpful for mind and health control. I felt my children developed their body and mind through this good sport."

Sreenivas Kunapruli
"Truly amazing experience! I am confident that this school will take the kids to new heights. Thank you Oakridge!"

Dr. Manjiree Kaiwar
"The students' enthusiasm is noteworthy. Well done! Keep it up the great work! Three cheers to Oakridge."

A.Viplav Kumar
"Appreciate the effort taken by school for this pradarshan. We assume that the video will be shared with the parents."

S. Bhaskar
"Fantastic stuff! I wish I studied at this school."

Students' Reflections

Zubiya Aslam Baig (Grade V)
"I felt really nice while performing the Yoga asanas in front of the parents. I learnt a lot about the famous Yoga gurus too. It was a blasting event."

Chloe (Grade V)"It was due to this Yoga kaushal celebration, that I felt really happy because I became aware of the benefits we get from Yoga. It was so terrific that I got to know and learn more about famous yoga gurus."

Moukthika (Grade V)
"I really enjoyed when I was performing Yoga on the stage as a demonstrator. I feel that due to Yoga practice, I am able to concentrate on my work with great enthusiasm."

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