Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Aids Day

By Loukya Y - IX B

World Aids Day! Why do we celebrate today? This day is celebrated to show the people suffering from aids that we care for them and that we are trying put an end to this disease. In today’s society more than 42 million people are suffering from this disease. Though we do not have a permanent cure for Aids, we have a few medicines which we can take in before hand to not suffer from this disease.

Today, we the students of grade IX had a session with our fellow classmates on World Aids Day. Aarti and Swathi made a wonderful PowerPoint presentation which was explained to the rest of the students by Aarti and Mounika.

They taught us all the meaning of Aids, how we can get aids, and ways to prevent aids. To conclude, our Vice Principal Sir, Mr. Venkat Suresh gave us a brief introduction to one of his experiences in dealing with children with Aids.

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