Monday, December 5, 2011

Three generations talk and share moments

An exchange of ideas and opinions took place between the grandparents, great grandparent of Aadhithi Vurum and the learners of grade II A. In this process of exchange of views our learners had great time interacting Grandpa Mr. Venkatesham, Grandma Mrs. Vijaylaxmi and Great Grandmother Mrs. Anatha Laxmi. This session helped the learners to analyse differences in the lifestyle in past and now.

Students' Reflections:
* "I can’t believe that they would walk almost 5Km everyday to go to school.": Nirmal Tej
* "They got married at such a small age. Oh my God!": Abhi Dondeti
* "There was a lot of greenery in their time.": Pradyumna

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