Saturday, December 24, 2011

Talents Unleashed

The event turned out to be true to its tagline. Einstein’s IV to X graders displayed their talents to their best today. They participated in Visual Arts, Literary, Music and Dance competitions. Students from Chord Ashirwad too joined the competition on a common platform. It was amazing to watch students perform with a true spirit of competition.

Great exhibition of artistic skills were visible in participants’ vibrant presentations on themes like India in the 21st Century, Unity in Diversity, Science & Technology and Festivals. Kids used appropriate textures, colour, materials and creative techniques in painting, collage making and clay modeling. It was fascinating to note that a lot of students showed enthusiasm in participating in the literary competitions. They were interested in testing their talents in the Tongue Twisters, Just a Minute sessions, Poetry Composition and Book/Movie Reviews.
The music instrumental category participants caught everyone’s eyes with their confidence at playing saxophone, flute, keyboard and guitar. The music vocal category participants were equally good at classical and patriotic songs. The dance participants stole the show with their agility and grace both in classical as well as western categories.

On the whole Einstein Campus went through a truly fun filled energetic display of talents.

Judges’ comments

* Mr. Subramanyam- Music director and music teacher – "Very good performance."
* Mr. Pramod Kumar Reddy– Professional Bharatanatyam Dancer- "Great!!! Good concept. Especially that of encouraging NGO's school children."
* Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi- Professional Kuchipudi Dancer – "Enjoyed the lovely atmosphere and the performances."
* Mr. Jameel Ahmad & Mr. Murali – Fine arts teachers- "Very innovative work by the students."

Voice of staff @ Einstein

"Well organized event. It was fun not only for the participants but also for being an audience." Mrs. C Adilakshmi
"An enthralling and thrilling experience all through the event!!" Ms. Sunitha
"I’m impressed with students’ talents." Ms. Deepika
"It was a great event." Ms.Veena
"So much talent!!! It’s really good to see children performing so well." Ms. Neeraja
"The dance participants performed so well that I was really surprised." Ms. Rama Devi
"A great show was put up and it truly unleashed students’ talents. Including Chord Ashirwad school children was a heart-touching idea. Completely enjoyed the event!" Mrs. Kanchan Lele
"This programme encouraged the talent of all the students." Ms. Jyothi
"Though such a programme was organized for the first time to bring forth the talents from the students, the outcome was superb." Ms. Sharmila
"It was amazing! Good motivation for children." Ms. Sandhya

Voice of students @ Einstein

"This cultural programme was very interesting. We got to know the true spirit of competing with other such talented friends." Ms. Vrishti
"The programme kept me entertained and it was a great experience getting to see the talents of other students." Ms. Manasa
"Great opportunity for students to show their talent!" Ms.Vasavi
"Had an amazing time being one of the organizers for the Cultural Carnival!!" Ms. Mounika
"I felt the Carnival was a very good experience for us to show our talent and overcome our fears." Ms. Loukya
"It was a fascinating event." Ms.Anvi

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  1. Satyavani says:

    Congratulations to all the winners and to the participants............superb job

  2. Harish says:

    Really helps the Children overcome stage fear and instills a sense of competition that is very needed

  3. congratulations to all the participants and the winners. It's a good opportunity given by school to the children to overcome their inhibitions and present their talent

  4. The carnival presented an opportunity to students of CHORD Ashirwad- an NGO working towards rehabilitating child labour, to showcase their talents on stage along with Oakridger's. Delighted that many of them walked away with prizes!

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