Tuesday, December 27, 2011

String of Craft- Stick Flags

In relation to the activity 'Making a class flag', we III graders, had made class flags in groups. A flag portrays the spirit, sincerity and the integrity of a country, knowing these concepts we came out with an idea of creating our own class flag which would reflect our class room culture.

Children were divided into four groups each making a flag of their ideas. These are the reflections from the children in support to the flag they depicted.

Lantern– This symbolizes radiance and brightness of the class.

Dragon- This symbolizes that the class is strong like a dragon and no bad thing can enter the class.

Flower with 17 petals – 17 petals represent 17 children of the class and the center of the class is the teacher. The children are connected to the teacher in a way petals are connected to the flower.

Adjectives – as they were been taught adjectives, the group described the class using different adjectives and English subject is integrated here.

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