Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shhhhhh... it’s a reading Flash Mob

Imagine a situation when everyone is occupied with their own daily life duties - running around, talking to others, studying - when suddenly they all start reading a book leaving behind whatever they were busy with. Flash mob! This is how it’s called. And this is what happened in Einstein campus on 2nd of December enjoyed by junior classes.

It was exactly 1.55 in the afternoon when librarian, Mrs. D. Vrushali, went out in the corridor and everyone suddenly found themselves reading. No matter the book, no matter the position they have comfortably taken on the floor. It’s just about silence, focus and reading. The children from Grades I to V continued doing it for the next 30 mintues.

And after that they went back to their classes like nothing had happened!

But it happened. A flash mob happened. The reason behind this event was to inspire the kids for reading. Therefore, this activity will take place every Friday.
Flash mob is US culture, it means in public places a group of people will assemble suddenly and will perform an unusual act for a brief time and then they will disperse.

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