Friday, December 2, 2011

Save Water Campaign

Each one appreciated the idea of having 'Save Water' week. Everyday during lunch time rallys were conducted by each class, shouting slogans and spreading the message of saving the water.

These are some of THE best ideas from oakridge students during save water week.

* Smruti, IV says " finish your water bottle daily."
* "Don't flush frequently." Maitrayi VIII
* "Take a bath instead of a shower" by Kaushik IV
* "Use hand-sanitizer instead of washing your hands with too much water." Sannihita VIII
* "When you brush your teeth, don't leave teh water tap on." Chloe V
* "Turn off the tap when you are getting the soap." Arnav I
* "The leftover water can be used for plants." Taijasi V
* "Take only how much water you can drink." Lashita IV

The next week will be discipline week. This week the student council aims to improve on students' discipline. They plan to do this by introducing few events: A workshop on essential agreements and a weeklong competition of the most disciplined student to each teacher.

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