Sunday, December 4, 2011

Positive Behavior Workshop

- By Geetha (IX)

The Positive Behavior workshop which took place during discipline week, was held very successfully. This workshop was held by the students of senior school. These volunteers got a chance to interact with the students of elementary grades and have an open talk about positive behavior focusing more on the essential agreements. Everyone got an opportunity to voice up and put forward their opinions. In the end the student came up with a list of essential agreements which were agreed by all. All together it was a great learning experience.

Volunteers included:

6th grade
Shreyas, Akash, Shruti

7th grade
Maanasa, Tanish

8th grade
Ritika, Dhyan, Raga, Maanasa

9th grade
Ankith, Geetha, Vrishti, Abhiram

10th grade

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