Sunday, December 4, 2011

Poetry made alive

Exploring biographies of Indian and foreign poets, analyzing, painting and even creating musical compositions for the poems – these are the activities enjoyed by 8th grade students of Oakridge International School/Einstein campus during the ‘Poetry project’ of International School Award (ISA) lasting till mid December.

The first presentations were successful. Alexander Pope, William Wordsworth, John Milton, Robert Frost, Odysseas Elytis – these are just some of the world known poets that students presented both individually and in groups of 2 to 4 in front of their classmates and teachers. The presentations varied in their creative approaches, however most of them covered facts from poets’ biographies, style of writing, as well as critics. Moreover, some of the students demonstrated their enthusiasm and true interest for the poet by performing the poems.

After becoming acquainted with the foreign poets, students will spend the following week exploring Indian poets and poetry. Later on musical compositions, drawings, as well as analysis of the poems will be made.

The ISA scheme is managed by the British Council and implemented in schools all around the world. With this project the students are expected to recognize poetry from a variety of cultures, languages and historic periods, analyze various elements of poetry, identify different forms and genres, as well as develop their own creativity and enhance critical thinking and writing skills.

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