Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Open House Feedback

* Thanks to Teachers!
"Today, I came to school to observe the children under the ‘open house’ event. I observed that each and every child was enjoying the work. They all were comfortable with their teachers. Teachers were very friendly with the children. Today I came to know why Hasini is always
so eager to come to school. They feel as if they are at home. I observed their way of studying. They all were enjoying their studies. They were playing and in the mean while studying too. Thanks to teachers for taking so much care of our children.
Shrisha, Parent of PP2 (Hasini Reddy’s mother)

* Nice Experience
"Good to see kids performing in front of us. It was a delight to see kids manifesting their potential, groomed by school and teachers."
Mr. Chopra, Parent of PP2 (Aadi Chopra’s father)

*It was Great
"You all did a great job. I am so impressed with his activities and yoga, and play area too. He enjoyed very well. Thank You."
Mrs. Pamidi, Parent of PP2 (Pranav Pamidi’s mother)

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