Monday, December 19, 2011

Maths Workshop

On December 17th 2011, Maths teachers attended a one day workshop on IGCSE Curriculum.

Ms. Sreedevi K, from Maths Department of Newton campus conducted the workshop. Mrs. Asha Suresh, Mrs. Lopa Mudra and Mrs. Rama Devi attended the workshop. Ms. Sreedevi is an experienced teacher who handled IGCSE curriculum for over 7 years.
She initially discussed different teaching strategies which can be used in different classroom situations like Active learning, Clicker use in class, Collaborative and Cooperative learning, Discussion strategies, Experimental learning, Problem based learning, Student centered teaching, Team based learning and Enquiry guided learning. She also indicated when to use these teaching strategies in the class. She also appraised everyone about impact of the key changes in the IGCSE curriculum.

In the afternoon session, she discussed few useful websites which could be used in the class. She showed us the latest specimen copy of Paper 1 and Paper 2 and its marking scheme. We cleared our doubts in a very friendly informal manner. The workshop was different and overall it was a very good experience.

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