Saturday, December 24, 2011

Math Trail

We celebrated the birthday of mathematician Ramanujan as Maths day on 22nd December, 2011 at Einstein. All classes had different Math trail activities to learn more about the concepts in Maths. Classes were divided into groups and each group was given an important and interesting task. Activities were conducted by Mrs. Asha Suresh and Mr. V. Nagarjuna and Mrs. Lopa Mudra.

Students from 6th grade found the perimeter and area of our soccer field, and identified the number of wheels in the school parking area. They also identified parallel lines and perpendicular lines in the school campus.

Students of 8th grade found the area of mid circle in the basket ball court and its percentage over the basket ball’s court area, which was very interesting.

Students of class 7th, found area of a tile and then they found the area of the pavement from the school building to the assembly premises.

Students from 9th grade had done interesting tasks related to surface area and volume. They measured the surface areas and volumes of the things which they used to play in the ground, like foot ball, basket ball, tennis court, cricket pitch, etc…

10th grade students found the angle of elevation of a basket ball net seen from a distance and identified the change in angle of elevation when the distance from the observer to the base of basket ball net varies. The other group of students found distance between two plants using coordinate geometry formulae by taking distance between two plants as one unit and compared it with the distance measured by the tape.

Over all, the day was a great learning experience for children as they did the activities practically.

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