Sunday, December 4, 2011

Learning to fly machines

The first session of Young Aviators at Honeywell was a success and the next batch of students is eagerly waiting to have hands on experience with the Boeing 767 flight simulator.

This is what Swathi Manthena of IX B had to say after attending the session -

"I thought that the experience was wonderful and exciting since I learnt many things I did not before. For example, I did not know was that the definition of a mach number is the ratio of speed of an object to the speed of light. I didn't have any questions to ask due to the fact that the trainers of Honeywell explained clearly enough for me to understand and they gave out a worksheet for us to keep so that we can use it for future reference. The trainers that were with us today did an amazing job with answering students' queries. Not only did they answer the questions, but they also went off-topic to explain more things and make the answers look unique yet makes it easy for us to comprehend. The flight simulation on the computerized airplane was a bit complicated with all the instruments and indicators we have to pay attention to when flying the airplane. But, with the help of the trainer who guided us through the flying, all of the students and Vice Principal sir did an excellent job with flying the airplane. "

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