Sunday, December 4, 2011

IT Surrounds Oneself

A session called ASK Talks was held at OIS, Einstein campus yesterday. Students from VII to X grades attended this session. The topic of the discussion was 'Career Counseling in the IT Field'. The respected guests were Ms. Shail Thulugu, Mr. Laxminarayana Yepuri, Mr. Madhur Kathuria and Mr. Gavva Raju and all belonged to the mighty IT industry. Mr. Richy Yati Mishra played the role of the moderator. The school captain, Bibuthi Mishra was the student moderator.

Students asked numerous questions and the knowledgeable and well-informed guests were happy to answer them all. The session started with the most basic and essential question posed by the students - "What is IT and what exactly is done in IT?" The session was highly interactive.

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