Friday, December 9, 2011

International Fiesta Week- SANTA DAY

Santa day celebration was held with great interest and enthusiasm on 9th Dec11. The event began with a speech conducted by Mrs. Shyamala where she enlightened the children about the importance of Santa day and when it is celebrated. It was followed by Santa songs sung by each of the classes from Nursery, PP1A, and PP2A which was appreciated by all.

Our guest Ms. Zuzaana conveyed to the children about the importance of Santa and where it was first celebrated and why! There was a big surprise for the students by Mr. Jain who was dressed up as Santa and enlightened the children. Ms. Zuzaana was honored with the Santa mask created by our tiny-tots which was presented by Baby Rene of PP1A class. Ms. Zuzaana enjoyed her presence being with the children. The programme ended with PPT presentation given by Mrs. Shyamala and also followed by Santa distributing the cakes to the children. The children had also put in efforts to make artistic Santa crafts given to them according to their age levels.

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