Thursday, December 8, 2011

International Fiesta- Thanksgiving Day

The week celebrating International festivals was at the peak on 8th Dec. 2011, when the day started with little ones coming in colorful attire. It was a ‘Thanksgiving Day' celebration and the tiny tots started telling everyone that "we are going to celebrate International festival".

The festivities kicked off with making thanksgiving crafts. Kids were given choices to make ‘thank you basket’, ‘colorful turkey’ or ‘hand and foot turkey’ and they all were at their creative best. Then, the tiny tots of Nursery, PP1 and PP2 gathered together for collective celebrations. Our guest intern, Agnija, told them about the history of the Thanksgiving Day. Zara from PP2, who has recently migrated from US, shared her experiences too. Nursery children were very excited and presented the rhyme 'Hello turkey, how are you', PP1 recited ‘I have five turkeys’ and PP2 presented ‘Thanksgiving letters’ rhyme. A colorful and musical PPt presentation by Ms Dhanvanty, also gave an insight into the reasons and ways of celebration. The event ended with kids giving thanks to everyone around and they relished party snacks too.

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