Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hindi Workshop by Sanyuktha Ludra

Ms. kajal Sharma, Hindi teacher, attended a Hindi workshop that was conducted by Dr. Sanyuktha Ludra at the Spice Court, Himayatnagar. She started off by talking about the problems faced by Hindi teachers in teaching Hindi to the children.

She advised on how to correct those children who do not pronounce Hindi alphabets or letters properly. She spoke about presenting FA in front of the students, and not scare them but instead make it an easy and fun task for the students. Next, she showed several ways of teaching the children like writing Poems, Conservations and Interviews and make PPTs in Hindi. She specified on having a good communication with children. She also conducted activities to teach the various ways of making children write and understand. Some of them were- given a set of few words making a poem out of those words, making quizzed and riddles for the students, etc.

She said that project work should not be a burden and the children should be given a choice of what they want to do, for example, an Interview, PPT, Oral Speech, etc. It should be easy for the children and enjoyable. Their work could be displayed in a small exhibition and during the Hindi workshop for parents to see. This workshop was very informative and teaching Hindi with these new techniques will become easy and for the children it will be a fun to learn.

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