Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun filled Formative Assessment for PP2

The ongoing unit in PP2 is ‘Celebrations’ and the first line of Inquiry is Types of Celebrations. A formative assessment was conducted on 19.12.11 where children played ‘Celebrations Displacement' game. Each child was asked to pick up a chit having name of a celebration, then it was pasted as a tag. The child identified the type as personal, religious, national or international. After this, all the children sat on chairs arranged in the circle in the ground. They followed the instructions such as, "National festivals change their places"; "Religious and Personal celebrations interchange the places"; "International festivals go and stand behind the personal celebrations". All the children loved this game and teacher had the observations as a reflection of their understanding about the types of celebrations. Later, each child with celebration name tag stood and others took turn to speak about the type of celebration, reasons and ways of celebrating it. The game was thus a fun filled experience.

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