Monday, December 12, 2011

Field trip to Meteorological Centre

Students of grade VII had a field trip to Meteorological centre at Begumpet as a part of their science course. They were all enthusiastic to visit the weather observatory. Mr. R .V. Subba Rao, the Admin Manager at the Meteorological centre , spent quality time with the children. He took us to the every key area in recording the weather information, starting with the observatory which has all the instruments like automated and manual rain gauges, single and double Stevenson's screens which are used to measure the maximum and minimum temperatures of the day, instantaneous temperature, moisture levels in the atmosphere, open pan evaporometer, ARG station, AW station etc.

Mr. Subba Rao explained very patiently about each of the instruments, their working, advantages and disadvantages of manual and automated instruments. He also cleared the students' doubts and made these concepts very simple. Students of Oakridge were fortunate to have a rare opportunity to see the Doppler radar and it’s working. Functioning of radar and its details were explained to the students by Mr. Kasim. Students were very happy to visit the Meteorological centre and had great experience of extended learning.

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