Friday, December 23, 2011

Field trip to enhance the festivities

Festive season is all around and it is coinciding with the unit of inquiry ‘Celebrations’ in PP2. To see the way people decorate and celebrate, tiny tots of PP2 had a field trip to Inorbit Mall. They were all enthusiastic to visit the mall to see decorated Christmas trees and different types of artifacts related to this celebration.

Little ones had a great time in the mall. They enjoyed a lot and became more knowledgeable to see different types of Christmas trees like, full snowy Christmas tree, tree partly covered with snow and lush green Christmas tree. They were surprised to see decorated walls, false ceiling with colorful lights, attractive Santa, golden and silver reindeers, cute bells and awesome hangings. The manager of Inorbit mall gave chocolates as a complimentary gift to all the children. It was a wondergul experience.

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