Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Festivities of Latvia

Our intern Ms. Agnija (from Latvia) was invited by PP2 class children in connection to our ongoing unit ‘Celebrations’. The tiny tots wanted to know about her country and the celebrations there. She prepared a very informative PPT presentation which depicted important celebrations along with colorful pictures.

She told us that Christmas is celebrated in a little different way in her country. She said that in the Christian tradition, Christmas is the celebrated as the birth of God's son, but in traditional Latvian culture it is the rebirth of the Sun maiden (unmarried girl). Soon after it, New Year Eve is celebrated with friends and family, champagne, sparkling wine and Fireworks. She told us that according to folk tradition, Easter arrives when the day becomes longer than the night; in Latvian spring equinox traditions it is given a special place.

She explained about her favorite celebration ‘Mid-summer festival’. It marks a divide in both nature and the work of the farmer. Each celebrant participates in the wedding of the Sky Father and the Earth Mother. The most beautiful aspect of this guest talk was the related Latin song which we all sang along with her. Latvians also have Fall Celebration, the ending of summer and the turning of the sun towards winter marks the autumn equinox (September 23). Their Independence Day celebration on 18th of November consists of parade, speech of the President of Latvia, fireworks, free public transportation too. Thus everyone enjoyed the journey of celebrations of Latvia.

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