Friday, December 2, 2011

Doctors, Scientists, Teachers and Policemen in I

Grade I was full of doctors and teachers on 28th November. The summative assessment for the current topic on community helpers was conducted in the class. The students were given the option of – a role play, a puppet show of their favorite community helper, or a PowerPoint presentation on their understanding about the topic. The students were grouped in pairs and they assessed each other with a peer assessment sheet. After their presentation, they also had to answer the questions asked by their friends. Kaushal was the hero, as he had a real stethoscope with him, which everyone wanted to touch and use.

Over all the assessment was very fruitful and the students had a great time in assessing their friends.

Student’s reflections

* “It was nice” Mayank Dey
* “Aneesh is looking like a doctor who stays near my house” Divyesh
* “Manikant should have brought a gun with his costume” Avinash

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