Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrations Gallery

15th December, 2011 saw PP2 children of Oakridge International School, Einstein Campus organizing ‘Celebrations Gallery’ which was very colorful and spectacular display of different celebrations they came across during the course of their unit. Each child chose a celebration and was assigned a table to depict the same. The little ones came dressed up in the attire related to their celebration and brought up lots of charts, booklets and artifacts related to that.

They first organized themselves into 4 zones representing four types of celebrations-personal, religious, national and international and then set up their tables. They invited Principal Ma'am, coordinators, all the teachers and learners from nursery to grade V to be their guests with colorful invitation cards. Each one of them was mesmerized with the set up and the way little ones explained the reasons and ways to celebrate different festivals. The day ended with joyful hearts and festive spirits.

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