Saturday, December 24, 2011

The beginning of Ramanujan day

The birthday of the great mathematician Ramanujan was celebrated on 22nd December 2011 at Einstein. It was the assembly which marked the beginning of the Ramanujan day. The students of various grades contributed towards this in their own way. A beautiful song the “the math song: math is always on my mind, I think about it all the time…” mesmerized the students and made them realize the importance of math in daily life. The math magic by grade VI students made everyone understand and relate various shapes to circle. A skit by the students of grade VIII on one of the great mathematician Archimedes was the highlight of the morning assembly. The speech on the life and achievements of Ramanujan made our students get an insight into the contribution of this great mathematician to the world of math. And so did the math day begin with a bang...

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