Friday, December 23, 2011

Author’s Meet

Viola Di Grado is a very young and dynamic author. She is just 24 and she has published her first book 'Settanta Acrilico Trenta Lana' which means '70% 30% acrylic wool purple: A story of urban alienation'. The book is written in her native language, Italian and now is being translated into other languages.

For author’s meet we invited her to interact with our 5th grade students on Skype. On 23rd of December 2011 at 1.55 PM (Indian time) she came online and students were very excited to interview her. Here are the excerpts from the interview session:

Tanushka: Please tell us about yourself.
Viola: My name is Viola di Grado, I have published a book 'Settanta Acrilico Trenta Lana' in 5 languages. The story is about a girl who stays with her mother and how she struggles in her life.

Kavya: Can you tell me what your hobbies are?
Viola: Writing, Singing.

Chloe: What are you doing now?
Viola: I am studying Chinese philosophy in London.

Zubiya: Can you tell me about your family?
Viola: I have one younger sister who is studying in college and my mom, she is also an author and she has published books in Italian language.

Pratish: Where did you get the inspiration for this book?
Viola: My mother is my inspiration.

Tanushka: Do you know about India and its culture?
Viola: Yes, I do. I am studying Chinese philosophy, and very often we need to read about Asian cultures and philosophy for reference. India is a very big country and there is unity in diversity. People speak many languages there.

Shiva: What is your next project? Are you writing any book for younger children like us?
Viola: Ya..! definitely my next book will for young readers. It will be based on fantasy.

Moukthika: Wish you merry Christmas and very happy New Year; we all hope you will publish your next book soon and in future we will again meet to discuss about your book.
Viola: I really loved to talk with you all and definitely we will meet soon. Thank you so much for calling me and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New

This conversation left V graders very excited and they felt happy to talk to Viola and one of the students, Keerthi, said- “We never reallythought that we will have a chance to meet an author who is very young and enthusiastic and she was so friendly to us!”

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