Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amy and Jack in Candyland

By Ritika Garg –III A

Once in a small village called Twittler, there lived two twins called Amy and Jackson. Jackson was called as Jack. They had lost their mother when they were born. One day it was their Dad’s birthday and so jack and Amy decided to give him a surprise gift. They decided to go to a shop called Glocy Flocy. They went inside the shop and saw a lot of amazing things in the shop. They went inside the shop and explored it by going to different aisles. However they could not decide as to what will be a good gift. They then went into the electronics aisle; there they saw different kinds of gadgets displayed. Amy remembered that their father had been wanting to buy a computer. Amy saw a shiny purple computer and liked it immediately.

She switched on the computer and started playing a game called Candyland on it. The game was about a land where everything was made of chocolates and candies. To Amy’s surprise, a button popped up on the computer and as soon as she clicked on it, the computer pulled them both inside. Now they had reached inside the game and they could actually see that trees and bushes were loaded with candies. They forgot all about playing the game and started eating all types of candies. Then Jack reminded Amy that they have to buy the gift and get back home. But first they had to find out how to get outside the Candyland. So Amy again pressed a button and they came out in the store.

They both decided that they were going to buy this gift for their Dad. They then paid for the computer and got it gift wrapped and took it home. When their father came home, they gave him the gift and asked him to open it. Their father was very touched by the kids love and care. He opened and was very happy to see the computer. Then Amy and jack told him everything that happened in the store. He was also very curious to play the game and get inside Candyland. And they did exactly what they had done before. So now all three of them went inside Candyland. Their father also ate lollipops and juicy plums from the gumdrop tree. All three of them had fun. And when they came outside the game in their house, their father gave them a hug and also said it was his best birthday ever!

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