Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mixed Luck @ 4th TAISI Sports Meet, Bangalore

Oakridge international school, Einstein Campus participated in the 4th TAISI Sports Meet held at The Bangalore International School from 17th to 19th December, 2011. 17 international schools participated in the meet. Two teams; one tennis team and one swimming team took part. In tennis, Harsha and Avneesh of grade IX, won quarter finals but lost in the semi finals. The swimming team was lucky enough to bag 5 medals. Chanakya Asrani won gold in 50mts free style and 3 bronze in 50 mts butterfly stroke, back stroke and breast stroke. Govind Rayudu won bronze in 50mts back stroke.

Experiences from TAISI trip

Kalyan (Swimming coach): "I felt very happy when Govind & Chanakya won medals. Govind and Omer Mounuddin narrowly missed two more medals. I feel that this Sports Meet has definitely boosted the competitive spirit among the kids."

Nadeem (Tennis coach): "TAISI meet has provided a chance for the students to get over the match fear and build confidence for that winning edge."

Harsha: "TAISI meet was fun because I met a lot of students. I learnt not to be shy and play as if no one else was watching."

Sidhanth: "It was an awesome experience. The players were really competitive."

Govind: "It was an amazing experience. It was kind of hard but I returned with one bronze.

Akash: It was fun because I never got to go on trips like this. The competitions were a little challenging but I tried to get tips on playing inter school matches."

Chanakya: "TAISI was my first competition so I was a bit scared, but when I got a gold medal I was surprised. Later on I won 3 bronze which made me really happy. I hope that my younger brother follows my footsteps and becomes more successful.


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