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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seasons on Walk

Students of grade PP1 had a presentation- 'Seasons on walk' on their ongoing theme Seasons. Children were dressed according to the season given to them. Children enjoyed a lot walking on the stage with their season costumes. They were full of excitement and enjoyed their presentation singing their rhymes. It was a remarkable event.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcoming New Year

The tiny tots of pre-primary had a blast at New Year celebration. They welcomed new year by rocking the floor with their free dance. They did lot of art activities like making cards using palm printing technique, chocolate garlands, pencil holders, etc. Kids hugged their friends wishing them a very happy new year. Chocolates and balloons were distributed to them. It was a remarkable event.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Think Quest Meet: Technical Mentoring offered

Think Quest took leverage when the technical experts had a one on one conversation with the team members yesterday at Einstein campus. Eight technical experts from Oracle, Deloitte and Genpact volunteered to support the eight teams who are working on the Think Quest projects on various topics for their technical queries. The introductory session that happened on 28th December 2011 gave the team members a broader view and a bigger picture about how to go further their project and make it more effective. The students were very much thrilled and enthusiastic to interact with the experts and the one on one session providedan insight on how to focus their ideas and streamline their path on this project.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cultural Show

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Open House Feedback

* Thanks to Teachers!
"Today, I came to school to observe the children under the ‘open house’ event. I observed that each and every child was enjoying the work. They all were comfortable with their teachers. Teachers were very friendly with the children. Today I came to know why Hasini is always
so eager to come to school. They feel as if they are at home. I observed their way of studying. They all were enjoying their studies. They were playing and in the mean while studying too. Thanks to teachers for taking so much care of our children.
Shrisha, Parent of PP2 (Hasini Reddy’s mother)

* Nice Experience
"Good to see kids performing in front of us. It was a delight to see kids manifesting their potential, groomed by school and teachers."
Mr. Chopra, Parent of PP2 (Aadi Chopra’s father)

*It was Great
"You all did a great job. I am so impressed with his activities and yoga, and play area too. He enjoyed very well. Thank You."
Mrs. Pamidi, Parent of PP2 (Pranav Pamidi’s mother)
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Skate Champion

Keerthan from grade VII one gold medal in road-1 and bronze in rink-4 and rink-5 Bronze in Hyderabad District Roller Skating Championships. He got a good exposure and was excited to win 3 medals.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Field Trip to Fun-city and Toy shop

Our little ones from PP1 went to Fun-city and toy shop for an ‘Adventure Trip’ in relation to their UOI ‘Play is a medium of expression and creativity’. They got to see different play items in the toy section and were able to relate it to their daily life. They were able to classify them into outdoor and indoor games. They also got to see the Christmas decoration and the celebrations going on. The children later walked into the Fun-city area and saw different types of Indoor games like balling alley, video game section etc. They were also given a chance to have free rides in the cup-saucer and bear hopping ride. They enjoyed the rides a lot and the field trip was a success and will always remain in their memories.

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String of Craft- Stick Flags

In relation to the activity 'Making a class flag', we III graders, had made class flags in groups. A flag portrays the spirit, sincerity and the integrity of a country, knowing these concepts we came out with an idea of creating our own class flag which would reflect our class room culture.

Children were divided into four groups each making a flag of their ideas. These are the reflections from the children in support to the flag they depicted.

Lantern– This symbolizes radiance and brightness of the class.

Dragon- This symbolizes that the class is strong like a dragon and no bad thing can enter the class.

Flower with 17 petals – 17 petals represent 17 children of the class and the center of the class is the teacher. The children are connected to the teacher in a way petals are connected to the flower.

Adjectives – as they were been taught adjectives, the group described the class using different adjectives and English subject is integrated here.

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