Sunday, November 27, 2011

Young Aviators of Oakridge

New day, new experience, a unique one. A dream, which every young kid has, when he sees the beautiful bird like machines flying seamlessly, to possibly become a pilot. Saturday, 26th Nov, 2011 was one of those days where several Oakridge students would have thought that dream could become a reality. Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company, and a Global leader in Aerospace industry, is spread over 100 countries. 15 students of IX and X standard of Oakridge, Einstein campus, were invited for half-a-day session at Honeywell office, Nanakramguda, to be a part of Honeywell's recently launched 'Young Aviators Programme'. The session was conducted by two highly experienced trainers, Mr. Pradeep Arora and Mr. Raman Plakkot, who have served the Indian Air Force for over two decades before joining Honeywell.

The session began with a short introduction about main businesses Honeywell operates in worldwide, about the various Honeywell products like Turbo Chargers, Safety systems, Enviromental Condition Monitoring systems, Security systems used all over the world. After that was a 45 minute presentation which gave a brief insight on how aircrafts fly using the principles of Aerodynamics. Students were enthusiastically listening to each slide making it a highly interactive session.

They learnt about the different parts of an aircraft like the Yoke, Rudder, Ailerons, Flaps and the Elevator. Different terminologies like Thrust, Drag, Lift and Gravity which work together to help an aircraft soar thousands of feet above ground were also explained. Students were also told about the auto-pilot which helps the pilot to a great deal by taking over complete control of the aircraft while in flight. Children were explained various navigation aids which the pilot uses in the main instrument panel of the cockpit, viz., Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Magnetic Compass, Direction Indicator and the Artificial Horizon.

The most interesting part of the programme was hands on experience with the Boeing 767 flight simulator. The computer-based simulator gave a great hands on experience of actually flying an aircraft. In 3 batches of 5 students each, every student was given an opportunity to get a feel of flying an airplane. Students took turns in familiarizing themselves with the various controls on the aircraft and the main instrument panel where looking at the various readings, they themselves controlled the direction, altitude and speed of the aircraft. They were also instructed about the maximum angle at which an aircraft should turn. The instructors were really impressed by the intense concentration of the students who manouvered the aircraft brilliantly. While one batch of students were operating the flight simulator, other students were gaining more knowledge from the trainers.

One of the questions asked was "How do I become a pilot?", which was duly clarified by the experts. The last part of the flying session was experienced by Vice Principal Mr. Venkat Suresh himself, who perfectly landed the aircraft on the runway amidst constant cheering from all the students.

Based on the grand success of this programme, another session would be conducted for 15 more students in December. A big thanks to Honeywell for providing such a great opportunity to our students. A corporate tie-up of this kind will definitely focus students towards the right path in their career.

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