Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reflection on Chairman’s Cup

Abhay, Anish and Karthik won the Chairman's Cup for this month from the 4th grade. They were bleaming with joy. And here is what they wanted to say after taking the trophy in their hands for the second time...

"We did it! It’s a proud moment for the fourth graders that we won the cup for the second time, and we are looking forward to win the cup for the third time so that we can lock the cup in our class for the whole academic year. Fingers crossed! We thank all our classmates, teachers and parents who encouraged us to add this success into our lives. Our group discussed about the topic given to us and decided to collect the information about the topic. We kept ready with our speeches and made some changes in our group discussion and then we practiced thoroughly and rectified each others' mistakes. We confidently answered the judge’s questions and waited for the results. When our victory was announced in the assembly we felt so proud and understood that everything is possible to achieve if you aim for it."

Abhay, Anish and Karthik
Grade IV

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